our Job is to get results; how many women and girls are out of poverty, how many kids are having better nutritious food, We know that our results depend on how well the consumers percieve and buy the services and products that the women and girls are providing; Plus the F&B products are, which we help select for the children

Business Counseling

Business Coaching is more appropriate than Business Education. Entrepreneur Coaching starts with sectors that are easy to understand and training that is easy to learn, to immediately run a business.
Aksihijo Entrepreneur

Child Nutrition Development

The Foundation cares about the nutritional intake of Indonesian children, for the sake of their health and development. Continuing counseling and providing nutritious food alternatives are the focus of Aksihijo’s work in this field.
Aksihijo Nutrition

Reducing Plastic Use

We believe that being self-employed and trying to improve the nutrition of our children will be more meaningful for the future of all. If the activities and impact of the business is still carried out by maintaining the greenness of our Earth to remain beautiful and natural.
Aksihijo Go Green

Aksihijo Foundation

Citi Hub – Harton Tower, Level 3
Jl. Sentra Bisnis Artha Gading
Kav.D No.3 RT.016 RW.04
Kel. Kelapa Gading Barat
Kec. Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara 14240 Indonesia
Monday – Friday
10am – 05pm
E-mail : support@aksihijo.com
Phone : +6281296408862

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